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? is it possible to create gm in your garage now? mark? >> absolutely.utel so some things that people don't necessarily realize today, thea. cost of a computer numerically-controlled milling machine has come down somethinge on the order of 95% primarily because of moore's law. companies are making the software so much easier to use. we are training people how to use these tools in two or threeg class sessions. now, they're not world class mill rights at the end of two oe three sessions, but if you're patrick buckley and you want to do an ipad case and you come in and take three classes, 90 days later you could have, just like he did, a million dollar company. they did $10 million this year. square did the original threeuae prototypes at tech shop on the benches, so they're doing just fine. so the chasm has just gotten much smaller. typically when you do a software start-up, now you need 25, 50, $75,000. well, now you can do a hardware start-up for the same kind ofsa we've had dozens and dozens andd dozens of crowd-funded projects come through from $10,000 to $100,000 that actual
to become independent. for instance, we can say you can't use vermont land and water for the growth of gm note. we can't prohibit the sale of them in this state because we are still bound by the commerce clause, but we can for him with our land and water from being used for that purpose and we must go ahead and do that. we can prevent the vioxx problems. we don't have to have 100,000 people died because the fda screwed up. we can have our own fda, and what we must do is have an independent investigation of the three buildings that came down in manhattan because it is impossible for three buildings to come down in their own footprint at free full speed unless they are controlled demolition. we have to carry on that investigation in vermont. >> moderator: republican john macgovern your up next. macgovern: thanks for hosting this debate and all the candidates here. i'm running because i believe this is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. this country is clearly on the wrong track. it's on the wrong track because of the people we send to washington. washington has become dysf
off. i just want to see that those bailouts of gm and chrysler benefited nascar because they took all the money the taxpayers gave them and they put it back into nascar because they were still sponsoring it. also, this president does not care about the middle class. we have only had one res on the social security. my mother got a $30 raised, and this is going on for years now. he gets back in we will not get another one. the only reason he gave this one is because of the election. >> host: all right, reid willson. >> guest: with nascar, i will use this opportunity to plug the hot line a little bit if you don't mind. we put up an interesting post last week by two republican named michael shannon and will feltis on the consumer habits and how much they like their sports and which sports the like and how that correlates to the voting data. as you can imagine, nascar is a pretty republican sport but it's interesting to hear that apparently they're getting bailout money. i have not heard that. but check that out. go to hot lineon and see what that says about your politics. >> host
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3